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ITC’s Tom.E Collection

December 5th, 2018 by cassiel

Invitation to Creative

ITC continues to look for unique ways of bringing innovation and technology advancements to RV decorative lighting. Our newest, custom designed Tom.E Collection does just that.

While the Tom.E fixtures may look like the commercial and residential fixtures, they are specially engineered to incorporate a bulb and housing that meet the specific requirements of the RV market such as UL quality standards. These ITC custom designed 12-volt bulbs and housing connect by utilizing a patent pending socket and attachment system. The collection also includes hand blown glass options that add a distinguishable quality element that sets this collection apart. The multiple glass, bulb and fixture options provide designers the opportunity to create a superior esthetic that give customers the on-trend looks they are seeking.

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How Millennials Will Influence RV Amenities

June 28th, 2018 by oliviam

Millennials have become a hot topic in the RV industry as they become a new target market for manufacturers. These digital natives have different views of brand loyalty than the generations before them and desire different amenities. In order for manufacturers to stay competitive with this demographic, they will have to integrate new amenities into their RVs, while showing their value as a brand.

This ITC white paper explains what millennials want from their RV and RV manufacturers, while exploring what that will mean for the industry moving forward.

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Dim-To-Warm LED Technology Creates Human Centric Benefits

May 15th, 2018 by cassiel

Human Centric Lighting has been one of the driving forces behind much of the latest LED technology developments. Dim-to-Warm LED technology gives consumers the ability to adjust lighting from task to task, as well as create light levels around the natural Circadian Rhythm. As more and more Americans hit the road either as full time RVers or as weekend warriors, the demand for more lighting control is increasing.

Click here to read our white paper and learn more about the advantages Dim-to-Warm brings to consumers and manufacturers.

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*Dim-To-Warm is an ITC patent pending product

Meet Our Sales Team: Max Wright

April 26th, 2018 by oliviam

Max is an Account Manager at ITC, working within our ITC RV brand. Max has been with the company for three months and comes to ITC from Hope College where he earned a degree in Sociology.

While in college, Max was on the cheerleading team and participated in intermural volleyball, soccer, badminton and basketball. In his free time, Max enjoys reading, working out and hiking.


  • ITC product: IllumaGrip–because it provides quality construction that competitors are unable to replicate
  • Pizza topping: mushrooms
  • TV show to binge watch: Supernatural

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2018-2019 Marine & RV Product Catalog Now Available

April 9th, 2018 by oliviam

The 2018-2019 Marine & RV Product Catalog is stocked full of ITC’s standard product offerings. Each product is designed and engineered with cutting-edge technology to meet the highest quality standards. To help make it easier for you to delight your customers, ITC is also dedicated to creating proprietary custom designs or customizing one of our standard product options. Browse our catalog to find your favorite ITC products and connect with our sales team today and find out what we can do to make your job easier.

New products that are sure to become your new favorites:

  1. Sequoia III Table Leg & Base System 
  2. Agile™ LED Light Collection
  3. Bullet™ LED Courtesy Light

ITC’s Marine & RV Product Catalog provides just a glimpse of our product capabilities. We recommend you work with one of ITC’s knowledgeable sales professionals to decide which products and finishes will best fit your needs.

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2018-2019 Product Catalogs

March 22nd, 2018 by oliviam

New ITC product catalogs are right around the corner! Stay tuned for an official release date.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for an RV Owner

December 8th, 2017 by oliviam

Shopping for the holidays can sometimes be a challenge. Never fear, ITC has created a list of gift ideas that any camper would love to see under their tree this year.

1. RV String Lights

String lights come in all different shapes and sizes, but these RV themed lights are perfect for any RV owner. Use them at your campsite or at your house! Each set comes with 10 mini lights and can be indoors or outdoors.


2. Happy Camper RV Mug

The Happy Camper RV Mug will get lots of use during the cold winter months when your real RV is in storage. Turn this mug into a gift basket by including hot coco and marshmallows.


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RVIA 2017 Summary

December 8th, 2017 by oliviam

RV manufacturers and component part suppliers are brought together at the RVIA tradeshow to help advance the RV industry. As the RV industry hits another record-breaking sales year, the average age of consumers who are buying these RVs is decreasing. What are the drivers for this trend? Gas prices continue to be low and the rise in technology advances in the RV has played a big role. With the latest smart phones and 4G connections, consumers can now navigate around the country easier than ever. What else are these RV buyers looking for? An affordable, compact towable trailer, easily pulled behind an economical gas friendly vehicle, that still has some level of the luxury amenities of larger more expensive RVs. (Ask your sales rep for more information on the new Agile Collection of affordable decorative lights.)

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VersiControl™ Smart System

December 5th, 2017 by cassiel

ITC introduces VersiControlTM, the RGB lighting control system that takes RGB lighting to new levels. The ability to set up and individually control zones of lighting on the interior or exterior with an all-in-one 4-zone control pad and/or a smart phone app makes controlling the multi-zone lighting simple and fun. Part entertainment and part function, the state-of-the-art VersiControl package gives users nearly unlimited options for lighting control.

The unobtrusive, intuitive, and powerful control pad allows for basic operation and control of lighting systems including, color selection, color cycling speed, individual on/off zone control, dimming, all white “instant on” feature for quick visual confirmations, and resume settings.

The unique custom designed phone app increases the functionality of the VersiColor RGB LED lighting product line with all the same features as the pad control, plus additional features such as favorite color saves, light to music interface, tutorials, and custom color selection settings with build your own color palate feature. The app is designed to accept future effects upgrades as they are launched, keeping the product relevant for many years.

The VersiControl pad and phone app work in conjunction with each other and pads can be added to the system to allow for complete control of the VersiColor LED RGB lights from anywhere in the unit. The control module can also communicate with a digital dash setup via the boat/RV CAN system. Integrating control of the lighting into the other controls of the unit provides a favorable and complete user experience.

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The Glamping Show – The Meeting Place for the Glamping Industry

September 20th, 2017 by cassiel

Although the beginning of glamping is up for debate, the fact that glamping is here to stay is not! What was once thought to be a trendy, niche market is now growing faster than anyone ever thought! Glamping can be staycation or destination with plenty of relaxation in the great outdoors! These sites are full of luxurious features that are found in five star hotels and quirky features that differentiate them from any other get away experience.

As the US has been gradually catching on to the glamping craze, in 2015 the UK started The Glamping Show to bring together individuals of the industry.
This “one stop shop” provides existing and potential business owners a place to gather all the information and essential connections they will need. Attendees are given the opportunity to learn from industry leaders by attending any of the comprehensive seminar programs. So if you are an avid glamper planning to take a vacation to the UK, check out The Glamping Show happening September 21-23, 2017!

Learn more about glamping here and find out what your camping style is by taking our short quiz!