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Digital Dimmer Switch

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  • LED compatible
  • 12V DC 100 watt dimmer can handle up to 80 watts of draw
  • Order dimmer and decorative cover plate/knob separately
  • Adjusts light output in a gradual transition from 15-100%
  • Simple wiring: 2 wire input from power and 2 wire output to light fixtures
  • Installation/wiring instructions available
Part Number: **21005 Dimmer with Black Knob (Order Plate Seperate), 21008-BL Black Cover Plate | Dimmer, Cover Plate & Knob: 21006-CH, 21006-NI, 21006-WH Category: Tags: , , ,

Additional information

Order Options

Black dimmer with knob and cover plate can be ordered separately or combined. (21005 = Black Dimmer with Knob) (21005-DB = Black Dimmer, Knob, and Cover Plate)


Black (21005) (21008-BL), Brushed Nickel (21006-NI), Chrome (21006-CH), White (21006-WH)




80 (Max)



Amp Draw

6.7A at 12V DC (Max)

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