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Stainless Steel Wine Glass Holder

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  • Innovative and contemporary design to accent any space while preventing wine spills
  • Stainless steel ring wine glass holder available with or without chrome plated base
  • Base comes complete with protective padding to hold glass in place
  • Chrome plated base is available with or without blue LED
  • Installs with 3/8-16″ nut (not included)
  • Blue or VersiColorTM RGB LED illuminated version available on single wine glass holder
Part Number: Stainless Steel Ring (81441-SS), Chrome Plated Base (81442-CH), Blue LED Illuminated Base (81442CH-BL), 8144CH-RGB (RBG LED Illumination) Category: Tags: , , , , , , , ,

Additional information


304 Stainless Steel (81441-SS), Chrome Plated (81442-CH) (81442CH-BL)

LED Color

Blue (81442CH-BL)

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