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SurFit™ Table Leg & Base System

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  • Non-locking system includes fixed tapered end capped leg that fit securely into the bases for easy assembly and removal
  • Floor bases have a recessed well and are virtually flush with the floor for free access when table in not in use
  • The 2” diameter steel table legs are available in black or silver finish in 25”, 27”, 29”, and 31” heights
  • Leg end cap available for customer cut to height legs

Patented Product #5,023,010

Part Number: 81TS1000-X, 81TS1000HPPR-B, 81TR1000-X, TR1000HPPR-B, 81TL25-X, 81TL27-X, 81TL29-X, 81TL31-X, TL001 Categories: , Tags: , , , ,

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Black (TS1000HPPR-B), (81TR1000HPPR-B), (TR1000HPPR-B), Black [ X = B ] or Silver [ X = S ] (81TS1000-X), (81TR1000-X), (81TL25-X), (81TL27-X), (81TL29-X), (81TL31-X), (TL001)


High Performance Polymer (TS1000HPPR-B), (81TR1000HPPR-B), (TR1000HPPR-B), Aluminum Alloy (81TS1000-X), (81TR1000-X), Plastic (TL001), Steel (81TL25-X), (81TL27-X), (81TL29-X), (81TL31-X)


6.25" Diameter (81TS1000-X), (81TS1000HPPR-B), 6.5" Diameter (81TR1000-X), (TR1000HPPR-B), 25" Long (81TL25-X), 27" Long (81TL27-X), 29" Long (81TL29-X), 31" Long (81TL31-X)

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