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VersiColor™ RGB Flexible Light

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  • Ability to change colors instantly with a simple controller interface
  • RGB chips provide an endless amount of color combinations
  • Available in diffused or clear silicone
  • Flexibility allows for installation in curved applications as well as straight mount applications
  • Patented Product: #9,695,991 B2 / 2,861,157 / 9,909,719
  • View the ITC tape light manufacturing process here

*Note, to protect against voltage fluctuations, estimate 0.3 Amps/Ft (1 Amp/Meter) when using VersiColor with RGB controllers

Part Number: TPB1206-50012-10, RBLL1206-67012-12-A, RBLL1208.67012-12-A, RNLL1206-20012-17-A, RNLL1206-20012-10-GA Categories: ,

Additional information

Housing Material

Clear Silicone
Clear Sealed Silicone
Diffused Silicone

Profile Dimensions

Clear: 0.32" x 0.1", Clear Sealed Reduced Power and Clear Sealed: 0.5" x 0.2", Diffused: 0.66" x 0.55", Thin Diffused: 0.4" x 0.5"

Total Wattage

Clear: 3 Watts/Ft, Clear Reduced Power: 1.4 Watts/Ft, Diffused: 4.3 Watts/Ft




Clear: 0.2 Amp/Ft* (0.64 Amp/Meter), Clear Reduced Power: 0.1 Amp/Ft* (0.34 Amp/Meter), Diffused: 0.3 Amp/Ft* (1 Amp/Meter), Thin Diffused: 0.4 Amp/Ft* (1.3 Amp/Meter)

Lumen Output

Clear: 82 Lm/Ft, Clear Reduced Power: 46 Lm/Meter, Diffused: 92 Lm/Ft, Thin Diffused: 107Lm/Ft

LED Color


Cut Line Increment

2" (5 cm), Thin Diffused: 1" (2.54 cm)

Available Lengths

Clear: 16.4 Ft (5 Meters), Clear Sealed and Reduced Power : 20 Ft (6.7 Meters), Diffused Sealed: 16.7 Ft (5.1 Meters)

Wire Size

22 AWG


UV Stable


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