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VersiControl™ RGBW Smart System

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2 Zone Smart System Installation Instructions
4 Zone Smart System Installation Instructions

  • First NMEA 2000 certified RGB controller
  • True RGBW controller for a virtually unlimited color palette
  • Allows for complete color control of RGB chips with the additional control of high-quality white chip
  • Available with J1939 or NMEA 2K network
  • The smart system allows the user to independently control two or four zones of lighting
  • The VersiControl system can be used as a stand-alone product or integrated into the digital dash via the CAN Bus system
  • The intuitive phone app operation and easy visuals make controlling the lights functional and fun
  • IP66 water-resistant rating
  • For more in-depth user support visit


Phone App

  • Provides all the same control features of the control pad including, color, color fade, brightness and quick white
  • Additional control features available on the app include:
    • Music beats
    • Camera color selection
    • Set personal custom color effects
    • On/Off timer
    • Individual zone lock-out
    • Personal passcode security

Control Module

  • Relay control capable
  • Custom programming available for brand differentiation (contact ITC for more information)
  • Disabling zones one and two when the unit is in motion
  • Bluetooth and CAN Bus controlled
  • Smart FET protection and fusing on return lines
  • Individual microcontroller per zone and master micro ensures consistent light output between all zones
  • Simple dip switch controls allow for easy customization including:
    • Setting the system to power up in either the on or off state
    • Password reset back up

Extra Information

  • Always fuse the zone output line if wiring and load cannot handle the maximum current of 20 amps if a short occurs.
  • An additional 18A can be gained through the use of the ITC RGB amplifier, part #21080-18
  • EMC : FCC Part 15 Class B
  • NMEA 2000 – J1939 Communication Standard

Additional information


7.5”L x 5”W x 1.5”H


Steal Enforced Plastic

Input Voltage

11 – 28V DC

Software Options

J1939 or NMEA 2K


4 zone: 20A max, 8A per zone max, 2.65A per channel, 2 zone: 16A max, 8A per zone max, 2.65A per channel

Bluetooth Type

Bluetooth 4.0 BLE (Operating system: IOS 10.0/ Android 5.0 or greater)

Remote Distance

100 feet

Operating Temperature

-20°C – 50°C

IP Rating



UV Stable


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